Another Epic Challenge Against Pavel Barber: Fútbol/Soccer Edition!

Everyone knows I’m a franchise goalie that works incredibly hard (one night a week) but I also coach a lot of youth hockey. This means I’m often at the ice rink and almost every kid I see between the ages of 9 and 13 love to remind me (via chirp) how Barber lit me up in the shootout video. It’s like they totally forgot about the 4 saves I made, or the one time Pavs shot wide because he was distracted by my pretty pads.

Of course, it felt really good to prove everyone wrong (even you, Dad) by finally defeated him in our last floorball shootout. Who cares if neither of us could see anything. And for those of you who claimed I cheated in order to win, well let me tell you that it wasn’t cheating, it was strategy! Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. 😉

So, what kind of challenge do we have now? I can tell you it involves a turf soccer field, a soccer ball, pretty mountains and a pretty soccer player…. and that Pavel Barber dude. Anyways, check this out!

That was actually a lot more fun that I thought it’d be. Life’s full of challenges. You just gotta put your gear on and make the most of your opportunities. Hopefully you guys enjoy this video. And hopefully my parents do too.

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