From The BHL Vault — The Florida Panthers Tryout (2015)

In 2015, I personally received a private invitation to tryout for the Florida Panthers, along with only 89 other elite beer league goalies near (or willing to travel on a moments notice to) South Florida. This epic series of events briefly lived on another YouTube channel, but I decided to rerelease it on mine… because it was awesome and also because hundreds of you asked me about it. So here it is…

That season there was a game where both Roberto Luongo and Al Montoya suffered injuries and the Panthers were put in a difficult situation and potentially in need of a beer league legend like me… or maybe two other cool dudes, whatever.

As you already know, I dominated the tryout but I wasn’t the only one. Bill Ruggiero and Dustin Smith are both solid goalies, and more importantly, solid dudes who I’m still buddies with today. Bill is the brother of the famous Angela Ruggiero and he was a pro goaltender with an impressive resume. He’s a super nice dude that everyone likes. Then there’s Dustin who lives in Nashville, has practiced with the Predators and even got to backup for the Bruins one game! He’s a super nice dude that everyone likes.

Everyone gets cut at some point. Even legends. What matters most is how you handle it. You can give up or you can work even harder toward your goal. You can make excuses or you can make YouTube videos. I also think it’s possible the Panthers were intimidated by me showing up in a brand new custom set of gear that matched their uniforms, a mint New Era flat-billed Panther hat and a fresh towel around my neck. They weren’t ready for me. I was ahead of my time.



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