It Takes One to Know One — Mitch Korn is a Legend!


It’s always an absolute pleasure catching up with my buddy Mitch, who taught me many valuable lessons I still use today. I was about 11 years old and just had my first season as a full-time goalie when I attended one of Miami of Ohio’s well known summer hockey camps. I loved those camps! All of the counselors played D1 Hockey, we had unlimited food, amazing chocolate milk and there was also cheerleading, softball, soccer, field hockey and did I mention cheerleading camps. It was a bunch of us young hockey players surrounded by girls… it did not suck. So yeah, that’s when I first met Mitch. When he came across BHL36 I think he remembered that impressive young goalie from his camps, since he once called me up and asked me to play in the big show for the Nashville Predators. See… “Calling Kane”

That video marked a very sad time in my life. Like many of you, I always dreamed of being a beer league goalie that one day gets a call from an NHL team that needs me to look good, while sitting on the bench watching the game. Do I want a guy to get injured? No, of course not. Psychos think like that. I just want some dude to get the flu so I can wear a sick flat billed hat, put a Gatorade towel around my neck (maybe even shave myself a mustache), sit back and enjoy my time in the show. I was so close! Well, to practicing, but still so close to being an NHL goalie. It’ll happen one of these days.

So back to Mitch. He’s not just a genius when it comes to goaltending, he’s also got a big heart and it’s been a pleasure getting one-on-one time with him. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Mitch about five times in the last four years. We typically shoot a video of some kind and then once that’s over we talk about hockey, and goalies. NHL goalies primarily. He tells me the coolest, or sometimes the funniest, stories about these amazing athletes. In my opinion, these are some of the best athletes in the world and they may just have one of the most difficult jobs ever. It takes an insane amount of skill, hard work and luck to excel in their position. Just like it does in the historic BHL.

Please enjoy the latest installment of the Korn Camp Saga.



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