I Took a Trip to Hollywood for the NHL’s All-Star Weekend!

As you would assume, I had a lot of friends when I was a kid. This responsibility came with epic sleepovers consisting of knee-hockey, pizza, movies, video-games, highly caffeinated beverages with weird one-syllable names, and more knee-hockey. My Dad was a true beauty too because he knew how hard we’d party, so the next morning he’d cater to our kid-hangovers by letting us sleep-in and waking us up to the smell of a fresh dozen from Dunkin’ Donuts. This was the formula for pretty much every Van Gate sleepover in the 90’s. Cool, right? Anyways, it seemed like it was meant to be when Dunkin’ Donuts sponsored our trip to LA for the NHL All-Star weekend. The NHL and the city of LA knows how to throw a party. We saw hockey legends all over the place, and….. SNOOP DOGG performed like 18 feet away from me. I love LA and I cannot wait to go back! And of course, I’m very grateful for everything Dunkin’ Donuts did for me and my camera-man during our stay in the City of Angels.

I think a “KVG runs on Dunkin” campaign would be brilliant and wildly successful but for now, please enjoy this episode of  “The BHL Life” straight from Hollywood…

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