The 2019 NHL Draft + NHL Combine

In the summer of 2019 I teamed up with Roy Sports Group, which is a sports agency that represents a lot of NHL players. When Allain Roy (RSG President and CEO) first reached out to me I was certain he wanted to represent me and help me sign an NHL contract. I was even being realistic wondering if maybe it would be an emergency-goalie contract, but regardless I was stoked.
Oddly enough, that wasn’t the case. He just wanted me to interview some of the RSG prospects before they got drafted into the NHL, so hockey fans could get to know them. Before the Draft in Vancouver, there was the Combine in Buffalo, and it was one of the most grueling experiences of my entire life. Well, I didn’t exactly participate in the combine, but you’ll see what I mean in these 3 videos where you get to know tomorrow’s NHL stars…


The draft was so cool! I obviously love Vancouver (I’m making a movie about it, remember?) so I was really enjoying my time there, but as draft day approached, I found myself getting serious… just in case one of the 31 teams opened any of my emails, watched my highlight reel and decided to give me a chance. Okay, that did not happen, but it did for a lot of other promising players. I figured I’d be super jealous because all these younger, and supposedly more talented hockey players were getting picked and just like the last 15 years, I was getting overlooked… but I actually wasn’t jealous at all! I feel so mature because I was legitimately happy for all of those kids who got selected, and so happy for their families, and being able to see it first hand was pretty special. And of all those players, the same three that you watched in the videos above (You watch the videos above right?) and got to know so well… they also had their dreams come true. You have to see this!

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