A BHL All Star At The 2018 NHL All Star Game

This could easily be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
This could easily be on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

After going to LA last year, I wasn’t going to miss another chance to enjoy an NHL All-Star weekend by the beach! There was a lot going on in Tampa. Half the city was there for the All Star festivities, dressed in hockey jerseys and all kinds of NHL apparel, and then the other half were dressed like pirates. That’s not a typo. Thousands and thousands of people dressed like pirates and poured through the city on one mission: partying. Apparently Tampa takes their Buccaneering pretty seriously, so they all get dressed up like pirates (women too… and it was awesome) and head down to the “pirate ships” in the bay and get really, really drunk. They even made JR walk the plank!

Coming from a guy that’s worn his goalie gear in public (non-hockey) places more than anyone, this was some of the best people-watching I’ve ever witnessed. There were people everywhere! So we’re outside all day filming, enjoying the city and all the cool NHL events, while simultaneously enjoying the gradual progression of pirates, as they were once full of life and energy early in the day, then eventually unable to function like a human-being by midnight. It was one of the craziest, most entertaining days I’ve had in a while. I’ll just stop there.

Vast looks good... as my backup.
Vasi looks good… as my backup.

Back to the hockey stuff! The NHL Skills Competition was awesome! My only complaint was not every player participated, which kind of sucks, and I think they need to bring back some more goalie events (like the Ron Hextall one, where they try to snipe G’s) But seriously, overall we were all glued to our seats. Witnessing Flower dance to Let It Go while stopping 47 straight breakaways was unreal! Seeing a player as good as Drew Doughty get nervous and choke was hilarious! The Skills Comps in the NHL are 1 billion times better than any other sport. To top that, the conference 3-on-3 tourney on Sunday was absolutely disgusting. The showcase of skills gave Barber the flu, it was so sick! Actually, Barber’s fine, but check out the 2018 NHL All-Star Game episode…

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