I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

I love my teammates! I love my friends! I love coaching! I love the BHL life! 

Okay, so I’m headed into the BHL offices to check-in with Dave and see how things are going with our movie, Hockey Journey. I should’ve known something was up, as our weird intern (who only lasted a week) was acting weirder than usual. Anyways, since most of you don’t know who Dave is… Dave is my cameraman, and also the dumbass that hired some college intern without my consent. The kid doesn’t even like hockey, so he’s probably a psychopath and he shoots video vertically (just like that peewee kid did at my game) so I eventually fired him… by telling Dave to tell him he’s fired.

Anyways, Dave films (most) and edits all of my videos. I love the guy, even though his responses to me are often things like “sorry, I need to do real work today, Kaner. Your YouTube video can wait” or “No, for the seventeenth time, we can’t use that Lil Wayne song for the intro to the movie because we don’t have the budget” or “Dude, I have two kids under the age of three! I need to do real work. I can’t just go to Vegas last minute to shoot a YouTube video where you loiter outside T-Mobile Arena in your gear telling people you’re the Golden Knights emergency goalie because for one, that’s insane, and two, it will not actually get you noticed by scouts no matter what you think” …blah… blah… blah…  He just doesn’t always see my genius, but I have to admit I wouldn’t be here without him.

Okay enough about Dave. He gets way too much credit as is, and he has a movie to work on. Get back to work, Dave!

BACK TO MY STORY…. SO, We’re in the office (ME, Dave and that weird college kid he f’n hired) and I’m starving, so I take out my breakfast sandwich and start chowing down and then all of a sudden, I hear really weird sounds, and, well, some good pals were outside chirping! They surprised me with a visit and it was awesome. Just watch for yourself….

We had a blast promoting the Hockey Journey film that weekend! Huge Thanks to my pals for flying in for this! Thanks a bunch to Steve Albers and crew for hosting our Kickstarter Kickoff party at Center Ice Brewery! Lastly, thanks to Kirkwood Youth Hockey for letting us surprise the kids with floor ball and some Barber magic! Everyone had an awesome time. Enjoy these pics…




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