What Happens In Vegas…. Goes on YouTube

Thanks to my travel partner, allegiant, I was able to take a trip to Vegas and¬†witness a Golden Knights game! It was even cooler to see my hometown team take on Fleury and the 2018 Western Conference Champs in their own arena (T-Mobile) T-Mobile was absolutely sick! The atmosphere was unlike anything I’ve ever seen at a hockey game! The manager of the facility gave us a VIP tour in between periods, and we were able to see just about everything except the locker-rooms (I know, that would’ve been sick) but we were not allowed to film any of this, which is why I’m telling you… anyways, it was awesome and you should totally go see a game there if you haven’t already. There’s even a nightclub (Knightclub?) at the top level of the building, like a legit one with dancers, waterfalls and all kinds of weird stuff if you’re into that scene.

Anyways, I had a great time in Vegas. See for yourself…

Huge thanks goes out to Air-Brush Las Vegas for their amazing work on this custom t-shirt I had made. It’s the first time I’ve paid $85 for a tee-shirt, but it was worth every penny. My cameraman disagrees, but that’s only because I made him pay for it.

Snake vs Flower custom air-brush tee valued over $1,019
Snake vs Flower custom air-brush tee valued over $1,019

Last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank Vladimir Tarasenko for taking some of his time to do a quick interview after the game. I know he’s probably wanted to be on The BHL Life for quite some time, but I also know the Blues have been struggling early on this season, so it was still really cool he gave us some on his time. Thanks Vlady!




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