I ❤️ My Fans! The support for Hockey Journey has been amazing!

I absolutely LOVE you guys!

You all know how much I love the game of hockey… Whether it’s the NHL, mini-mites, sled hockey, street hockey, knee hockey, or the glorious BHL I will support it because this game is bigger than all of us. It’s really amazing when people come together to support a shared passion. That said, I am so thankful for all of you for supporting me, watching my videos, liking my posts AND most recently helping me get closer to achieving my dream of making hockey movies (obviously, second to my dream of being an emergency NHL goalie someday).

We still have 19 days remaining in the Kickstarter campaign, and we’re already 87% funded. I am SO freakin’ grateful for this! I really can’t put into words how awesome this is to me and my crew.


Making a donation to Kickstarter is easier than a wide open net tap-in. You don’t even have to create an account! You can tap the link or simply go to www.Kickstarter.com and search for “Hockey Journey” or “Kane Van Gate” and you’ll see our project pop-up right way. Then, click “back this project” and enter in your credit card information and BOOM, that’s it. You can make a donation or you can choose what you’d like from the list of our kick ass rewards (starting at $1). Literally, every dollar helps! If you don’t have any money to spare, simply sharing this with your network (teammates/parents/coaches) is also super helpful.

UHC_HockeyJourneyWe’ve spent countless hours and every dollar we have on this project. I am so thrilled with what we were able to capture on film in beautiful British Columbia, and I cannot wait to share it with the hockey world. We’re so close to our (minimum) goal of $10,000, but as you can probably imagine… making a movie takes a lot of time and A LOT OF MONEY. We’d LOVE to triple our goal, so we can make this film as great as possible. Hockey movies are too few and far between.

Please consider backing us. Having a name in the credits of this film forever will make one awesome holiday gift. Thanks again for all the love and support. I wouldn’t be here without you…



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