Hockey Journey Theme Song 🎤🎸

We’ve been working on Hockey Journey for over 2 years. I’m not kidding. And I don’t mean we’ve been working on it full-time for over two years, I simply mean that we started shooting and planning for the Hockey Journey movie over two years ago before we ever went to Vancouver. Looking back, it almost seems crazy, but obviously I’m a pretty normal guy. This has been quite the learning experience. Outside of learning just how difficult it is to make a movie, I learned that if you’re going to make a badass one, then you need a badass theme song to go with it.

I started thinking to myself… Who should I ask to write the theme song for Hockey Journey? It can’t just be anyone. It needs to be the perfect artist. Immediately, I was all like… Macklemore!? He would be a perfect fit, especially considering how he went Platinum without a record label, or an agent and only using social media! That’s sort of like how I’m making a movie and going Hollywood without actually going to Hollywood or getting help from anyone in Hollywood. (I have nothing against Hollywood, they just don’t return my calls) So I tried to reach out to Macklemore about coming up with an upbeat song about my hockey journeys to Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, but apparently he’s really expensive, and busy. And even though he blew up without the help of record companies and agents, he now works with a record company and an agent…. so I sort of missed the boat there.

So now I had rethink this whole thing. Besides, Macklemore isn’t a hockey guy, so I kept thinking to myself… who is the best possible option to write and create the theme song to Hockey Journey? 🤔 I was about to get on my computer and do some serious research, but I had the TV on and  happened to see the Vegas Golden Knights (still) dominating the NHL (with some style I might add) and I got sidetracked, or did I? ….as I completely zoned-out watching the Knights destroy their opponent I started thinking to myself how remarkable their season has been, and then I remembered how it began… with a brutal tragedy. Sorry for being a downer here and bringing this up, but we cannot forget what took place on Sunday, October 1, 2017 and how it ended and effected way too many lives. I started to think about how tragic that was, but then a song popped in my head, and as it did, I soon began to think how amazing it was to see a city come together in such a way, and to see them pick each other up, support one another, and see them rally around their first major pro sports team, and to see that team perform magically as one self-less army. The song that popped into my head was “stronger together” and it made everything seem perfectly clear to me. Never mind Macklemore. I knew exactly what artist I needed to write the theme song!

Stronger Together” was a song written, performed and produced by the talented Matt Lashoff as a tribute song to the City of Las Vegas and their Vegas Golden Knights after the aforementioned tragic events. Like many of you, when I first heard this song, it was emotionally moving, and it gave me hope. Matt was able to capture what we were all feeling and put it into a song, and I knew I had to hire him to do that same thing for Hockey Journey. And not only is he a talented musician but the dude was a first round draft pick, played in the NHL and is an all-around awesome guy! So, my mind was set. I’m hiring Matt Lashoff to create the theme song for Hockey Journey. I just needed to find this guy and convince him to come on board.

Well, as fate would have it, Lashoff (who just retired from pro hockey) moved to my hometown with his wife and kids, and before you know it, we bump into each other at where else but a rink. I was there to coach some Mite goalies and he was out there with his lil guy and helping to coach too. Me being me, I made my move. I immediately approached Lash (we’re buddies now, so I can call him that) and convinced him to make the song. Lash, being the nice dude that he is, was very interested in the project and after a cup of coffee, he agreed to take on the project. We were stoked, and he was too!

Fast-forward a bit (just skipping over two creative geniuses going back and forth) and Lash sends me the audio file of the song. Now, I don’t have any children, but I imagine the moment you become a parent was equivalent to how I felt the moment I heard this song for the first time. Although a very different story and theme, he did it again. This song was just absolutely perfect for our journey, and our movie. Stay tuned for more information on this song and this movie, and thanks for reading!


“Kaner, you’re like super smart and creative, and despite not being able to sing, play or create music, I have no doubt you’re artistic.” -Matt Lashoff (filler – not an actual quote)






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