The Irsay Ice Barn – A Hidden American Gem


The Irsay Ice Barn is a beauty of a place, but first, let me take you back to the beginning – The story begins with a beer league legend (me, duh) and a golden ticket. Okay, it wasn’t gold, or a ticket, it was an exchange of text messages between myself and a teammate’s old teammate.  I was asked to play in a Beer League game somewhere in Indiana. I said “No” and didn’t even think twice. I get asked to play in Beer League games all the time. Usually I hear from players that live near me, which makes sense, but sometimes I’m asked by someone who lives thousands of miles away, which wouldn’t even make sense if I had a private jet. I don’t. Anyways, I don’t blame them for asking but my answer is always NO, so this was no different. “No, dude I’m not driving 5 hours to Indy for a beer league pick-up game.”

Unless it’s for a good cause, or something cool af, I only play for my BHL squad. It’s my life! I wish I could travel the world and play in all these game I get asked to play in, but unfortunately my salary from YouTube and coaching 9 year-olds doesn’t cut it. Besides, I’m the most loyal beer league goalie ever and I only want to play for my NR Rebels squad. Okay, if an NHL team needed an emergency goalie I’d no-show on those guys in a heartbeat, BUT other than that potential conflict, I’m always there.

So this dude sends me a few pictures of this barn and immediately changed my mind. I was like, “OK DUDE I’M IN!” This wasn’t the standard “hey, we need a ringer with sick gear. Wanna play?” My teammate’s former teammate’s texts began to ring clear to me… this was HOCKEY CONTENT GOLD in all its glory.

Check out this amazing barn in Episode 52…

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