NEW Bauer Vapor 2X Chest/Arm: REVIEW

I was able to get my hands on the BRAND NEW Bauer Vapor 2X Chest/Arm, and this thing is ****ing sick! Not only do I look like a badass crime fighting vigilante, but it is so comfortable and lightweight — it’s unlike any piece of puck armor I’ve ever worn. I played in 4 BHL Cup games and faced over 236 shots with this thing, and came away with zero bruises, zero stingers and zero doubt. It was super easy to adjust, and putting it on takes less than 2 seconds — there’s no clip(s) like all the other, older chesties. You simply put it on over your head like you would your most comfortable hoody, and then pull the strap to tighten.

That’s really all I have to say about it. Oh wait, I almost forgot, a few goalies asked me the same weird question, so I’ll answer that here in case any of you were wondering the same thing… “Hey KVG, the new 2X chesty looks sweet, but do the elbows move around or do they stay in place?” My answer is this… “They’re comfortable, they stay in place just fine and serve their purpose: protecting my elbows while I make unreal diving saves.”

Uh. I usually don’t do gear reviews, but since so many of you asked me to, I’m trying to make sure this is LEGIT. What am I missing here? Oh! The mobility on this thing is also unreal, coming equipped with manifactured robot pillow protection and state-of-the-art materials, soon to be copied by NASA. There’s a lot of in-depth information about my new gear, but I won’t bore you with more fancy words. I’ll leave that up to the professionals at BAUER.

In conclusion, the NEW Bauer Vapor Chest/Arm Protector will be available in May (I think?) So, if you’re a high level goalie (like me) looking to make it to the next level (like me) and in the market for a new Chesty (no longer me) then I sincerely hope this in-depth, scientific review helps your purchasing decision.

Here's Ironman wearing the NEW 2X Chest/Arm Protector
Here’s Ironman wearing the NEW 2X Chest/Arm Protector

You’re welcome, Bauer.

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