NHL Emergency Goalies Are Not Fake

It finally happened. The moment we knew was inevitable. I’ve been saying it well before I ever made BHL36 …

 “Someday the NHL will need a beer league goalie to PLAY in a game, and when that day comes,  I hope it’s me.” 

This is a direct quote I made years ago (150+ times) when I began my illustrious beer league career. Unfortunately, it wasn’t me who got this incredible opportunity, and since my hometown team doesn’t return my calls, I’m not sure when I’ll finally get my chance. That said, you can easily tell as you read this, that I’m not bitter whatsoever. Anyways, that “someday” is here. It happened. Scott Foster made history and more and more regularly, emergency backups are dressing in games. Like my pal, Tyler Stewart, who plays in my BHL league and is the E-Goalie for the St. Louis Blues.

See? Not bitter.
See? Not bitter.

Tyler got to dress as an emergency goalie backing up Jake Allen! I was there with my gear, available to play, stretched out, ready to go, with my Dad, but they called him and he got an incredible opportunity that I’m sure he’ll remember forever. It was especially cool to see Tyler with hometown goalie Mike McKenna, doing their warm-up stretch side by side. I’m genuinely happy for him. He got to dress in an NHL game with one of my good buddies, which is totally fair.

"Hey Tyler, where's Kaner? Is he out of town or something?" Direct quote (guess) from Mike McKenna
“Hey Tyler, where’s Kaner? Is he out of town or something?” Direct quote (guess) from Mike McKenna


I had Tyler Stewart come by the BHLPA HQ to tell me about this awesome and incredibly lucky experience. Please check out this exclusive video I did with Tyler that totally proves I’m a good dude and not bitter at all.


Pretty cool episode, right? I agree.

Let’s get back to the living legend, Scott Foster, who put on one of the best performances on the ice as well as in the locker-room (both very important in hockey) that we’ve ever seen. As you likely know, Scott stepped out of the limelight to focus on his BHL career at Johnny’s Ice House, but he will forever be a hero to everyone. Not just a guy like me who’s been preparing for this moment for like 9 years, playing in the BHL once a week, but to everyone! Any average Joe seeing the events that took place can relate, and potentially use it as motivation by applying it to whatever their dream may be. I watched the game and the press conference live. It ended around 10:30pm and I was up until 4am because I was too excited to sleep. I was so proud of a complete stranger that my adrenaline pumped all night. It was epic. It was history. The way he handled the Jets and the media was nothing short of incredible, and I tip my cap to him.

Goodbye Scott. You're always be a hero.
Goodbye Scott. You’ll always be a hero.

My “someday” will come.

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