ODR Family Skate

Last Winter I booked some outdoor ice at the Beautiful Anheuser-Busch Brewery in downtown St. Louis. I invited my family out for a skate and even though everyone was at least six minutes late, they all had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to get more ice there this winter.
Around this time, my oldest nephew was becoming a full-time goaltender, and his little brother is just now really getting into it still learning how to skate. Despite the Blues being in dead last on this very day, the boys were still die-hard fans and falling in love with hockey and I couldn’t be happier about it. Their historicStanley Cup run began shortly after this epic day, which certainly enhanced their hockey obsession. Needles to say, life has been pretty great for Uncle Hockey.
IMG_2429 IMG_2430
My nieces really loved to skate also… The one in Bauer bucket gave me the Uncle Hockey nickname when she was 2, by the way. She’s a much bigger deal than all of us.
The girls are taking a shift off on the bench

Probably the coolest part of this entire episode is all the amazing photos from all of you… I reached out to all my followers and asked them send me their most epic ODR pics and they did not disappoint, so you’ll have to see for yourself in the episode. My buddy, Mike Cobb, was giving some private lessons at the other end of the rink. They sounded like they were doing some pretty serious stuff, but we are just having fun on our side. Okay, enough talking, time to watch the video…

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